New product: Chitin and chitosan

The Arman Jonub Protein Products Company has succeeded to produce commercially chitin and chitosan at high capacity by the endeavor of its expert manpower. Therefore, it is ready to cooperate with medical knowledge-based companies and introduce this product to the domestic market in order to release the country from concerns over importation of this strategic and vital product.

Chitosan is a derivative of glucan with redundant chitin units. Chitin is a muco-polysaccharide that is widely found in outer skeleton of arthropods including shrimp and lobster.

The importance of chitin in preparation of chitosan is due to this point that chitosan is utilized in clinical products because of bio-friendly nature with the rest materials, easily digestive capability, non-toxicity, high absorption capacity, and availability as a medicinal carrier. The chitosan is used with appropriate purity level in drug relief and delivery systems, hemodialysis, synthetic skin, drug rubber covers, enzymatic immobilization, contact lenses, eye-bandage (patch), orthopedics, surgery fibers, dentistry, and agriculture and moreover some of effects have been reported for it including potential for lipid absorption, reduced glucose, cholesterol, and triglyceride, and antimicrobial, application for wound healing, utilization in tissue engineering, application in manufacture of drug carriers, producing chitosan nano-carriers (nanoparticles) in release of anticancer drugs and delivery of vaccines, gene-therapy, and bioradiology from vital organs.

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