Why should we consume fish?

The existing protein in chicken, calf meat, egg, and cheese is one of the major materials to provide animal- based protein for body. However, fish meat includes higher nutrition values.

The resultant protein from fish meat consists of all essential amino acids for growth of human body. For this reason, meat of aquatic creatures is extremely crucial for providing daily protein requirements of body.

There is lesser connective tissue in fish meat than in other types of meat and therefore it can be said that almost total consumed fish meat is absorbed by the body and for this reason it is recommended to consume fish meat to prevent from some of diseases.

Many high-valuable foods include some materials if they are consumed they may not be so useful for body. In addition to provide the needed proteins for the body, the resulting foods from aquatic creatures include many vitamins and minerals, particularly vitamin B12. It is obvious that if these foods are consumed along with vegetables, their nutritional value will be increased further to great extent.

In many communities, a half rate of mortalities is caused by arthrosclerosis that results from accumulation of cholesterol and creating sediments in blood vessels where this causes blocking of heath feeding vessels and consequently cardiac and cerebral arrests. The rate of the existing lipid (fat) in fishes and other aquatic creatures is much less than red meat. Many fishes include less than 5% fat. Regardless of its skin, the content of fat in chicken meat is only the same as in fish.

With respect to nutritional problems and bottlenecks and ever-growing increase in number of cardiovascular complications in national metropolises, consumption of fish and other aquatic creatures is crucially important.

It was known in 1970s that Eskimos in Greenland did not suffer from cardiac diseases despite of consuming high amounts of fat and protein. Such a difference is related to type of fat they consume. Fat in fish and aquatic products is of unsaturated type while the existing fat in red meat and even white meat of fowls mainly includes saturated fats.

Consuming fish and other marine foods not only contributes to preservation of health of heart and prevention from cardiac disease, but also consuming them by lactating and pregnant women may cause eyesight improvement and better growth of brain in fetus and neonate. It is a long time that the experts in the field of nutrition sciences have introduced the marine foods as the excellent and low-fat sources of protein and full of omeha-3- fatty acid.

The existing fat in marine products

Despite of the fact that the fish and marine products are included in animal nutrients they are different from other types of animal-based substances in terms of lipid composition. The existing fat in animal-content nutrients consist of some compounds called as saturated fatty acids where these compounds cause increase in rate of cholesterol and other unfavorable lipids in blood.

Therefore, extreme consumption of animal-based fats may threaten health of heart and vessels and eventually lead to cardiac arrests and strokes while the existing fat in fish and other similar aquatic creatures is similar to plant-based substances.

There are unsaturated fatty acids in aquatic creatures called omega-3 that are responsible for very important effects on human’s health and they are efficient in prophylaxis of diseases and control and contribution to remedy of various disorders and complications.

The fish oil is not only full of the necessary and essential fatty acids for body and useful for preservation of healthy heart but also contributes to improvement of mental disorders and complications such as depression, bipolar disorder, and schizophrenia.

Several following proposed important and useful properties of fish oil include:

Prevention from cardiovascular diseases:

The fish oil not only contributes to lower level of triglyceride and blood cholesterol but also plays essential role in prevention from sclerosis of vessels and prevention from cardiac arrhythmia.

Prevention from cancer:

The fish oil is helpful in prevention from three types of breast cancer, cancer in large intestine, and prostate gland. In fact, omeg-3 prevents from conversion of healthy and normal cells into cancerous ones and inhibits from abnormal cellular growth.

The existing omega-3 in marine foods protects from body against cancer and diabetes and slackens progress of Alzheimer at initial phases. Regulation of cholesterol:

One of the important and major properties of fish oil is in that it contributes to regulation of blood cholesterol level. The existing EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DPA (Docosapentaenoic acid) fatty acids in fish oil play important role in regulation of cholesterol.

You can be slim with fish oil:

Fish consumption contributes to therapy of hypertension and obesity. A good diet for weight loss will be much efficient and successful if it is accompanied with routine consumption of a certain amount of fish.

Treatment of arthritis (joint inflammation):

Similarly, fish oil is also useful for therapy of arthritis lesion. Long-term consumption of this oil may be effective in reducing and or prevention from pains caused by arthritis.

Healthcare of eyes:

Consumption of omega-3 fatty acid may protect from eyes against eye-related macula lutea degeneration and at the same time it reduces the risk of incidence of dry eye syndrome (KCS).

Impact on blindness at old age:

One can fight against geriatric blindness (vision loss) and prevent from its increase by consuming fish oil. Omega-3- content diet may reduce the risk of incidence of macular transformation disease that is one of the prevalent diseases at old age.

In this disease, the ocular posterior cells are impaired and cause removal central vision.

Prevention from mental disorders:

A number of medical studies have shown that consumption of fish oil contributes to reducing risk of morbidity of Alzheimer disease, senile dementia, and even schizophrenia.

Relief of symptoms in schizophrenia disease:

Schizophrenia is an acute mental disease, in which the symptoms include hallucination, mental abnormalities, and dissociative disorders. A great number of evidences show that abnormality of fatty acid compounds in cellular membrane is related to morbidity of this disease. Consuming fish oil may reduce intensity of symptoms of this disease to great extent.

The researchers have concluded that schizophrenia disease is typically related to an abnormal mechanism of fatty acid and they always emphasize in conducting clinical tests to identify the latent advantages in administration of omega-3-fatty acid in order to treat this trauma.

Skin and hair healthcare: Omega-3 may help to preservation of humidity in dermal cells, production of collagen useful matter, and removal of dermal scars and finally cause maintenance of youth and loveliness of face. At the same time, the existing proteinous content in fish oil may contribute to growth of hair and preservation of their health and strengthening of them.

Coping with hypertension:

Omega-3 possesses some anti-inflammatory and anti-coagulant properties and for this reason it plays role in reducing blood pressure.

Fighting against asthma:

The fish oil is very efficient in improvement of respiratory complications including asthma. This helpful supplement may help to decrease asthmatic and respiratory attacks more easily.

Contribution to treatment of AIDS:

The conducted studies by specialists of food sciences plan in Lexington have demonstrated that the fish oil may also play an efficient and useful role even in treatment of AIDS by reducing level of blood triglyceride.

Nails healthcare:

The continuous fish oil consumption may also help to remedy of nails tissue and health and for this reason it can be used in production of nail tonic compounds.

Bones healthcare:

The existing omega-3 in fish oil can help to regulation of balance in content of minerals in bones and their peripheral tissues.

The special impact of fish oil in treatment of depression:

The depressed subjects are often exposed to reduced level of EPA fatty acids. As a result, fish oil is also useful in treatment of the depressed patients.

Consumption of fish oil decrease post-partum depression:

Consuming of omega-3- fatty acids- enriched foods or nutritional supplements during pregnancy period may decrease risk of morbidity of post-partum depression symptoms.

The post-partum depression is a prevalent disease among females in various levels in which about 25% of mothers suffer from this disease and it includes several symptoms such as sleeping and food eating disorders, emotional complications, loss of self-esteem and self-confidence, anxiety, confusion, sense of guilty, and thinking about suicide.

Healthy pregnancy:

Whereas the existing DHA (Docoahexenoic acid) fatty acid in fish oil is useful for growth of eyes and brain of fetus thus it is recommended consuming fish oil to pregnant females as well. The fish oil prevents from premature childbirth or birth of child lower than the normal weight as well as contraception and abortion.

Anti-inflammatory effect:

The fish oil may play efficient role in reducing inflammation in blood and tissues. This supplement is also helpful for treatment of digestive disorder, small intestine syndrome, and chronic inflammatory diseases.

Fish consumption may highly affect on decreasing joint inflammation such as rheumatism so that the required corton dosage may be noticeably reduced in this patients.

Health of brain and nervous system:

Technique of storage of fish and shrimp:

  1. 1. After buying fish and shrimp, you should quickly freeze them and put them in freezer.
  2. 2. If you have bought frozen fish and shrimp you should put it into freezer before defrosting it.
  3. 3. Prepare the packs of fish only to the amount of your daily needed consumption so that you have not to open the frozen pack for several times since this causes contamination of marine products.
  4. 4. Put the fresh fish and shrimp inside a fiber tissue after washing them and before cooking them and put them into refrigerator since thereby you both have prevented from their contamination and bad odor and caused them to need less amount of oil upon frying.
  5. 5. Evacuate the air flow from the inner part of packs with fish and shrimp contents before putting them in freezer.
  6. 6. Freezing causes stopping activity of germs therefore it is best method for restoration.
  7. 7. The temperature for storing frozen materials should not be below 15°C.
  8. 8. You should transfer the given pack from freezer to refrigerator to defrost it when using the pieces of frozen fish and this activity may preserve color, taste, and saving time.
  9. 9. Never defrost pieces of frozen fish into water since it may absorb the water and it changes the taste but this measure is not problematic for fresh full fish.

Method of cooking fish:

  1. 1. If fish is boiled is more useful than in fried state.
  2. 2. The best method for cooking of salmon is baking, steaming, and grilling of fish.
  3. 3. In order to remove bad odor of fish you should wash and clean it well before cooking and use some scented and spicy material for it such as thyme powder and or other spicy vegetable including savory, tarragon, basil, and peppermint etc.
  4. 4. Pour a little oil into the pan and put the fish in it and close the lid of pan thereby both your fish will be cooked and the oil is not dispersed around it.
  5. 5. After draining of washed rice through colander, put the fish on the bottom of casserole and pour the rice over it.
  6. 6. If blood cholesterol is at high level in your body you may steam your fish by lemon juice.
  7. 7. One can remove bad smell of fish by adding a little lemon juice, vinegar, and or any other acidulous material before cooking fish.
  8. 8. Putting fish inside a vessel that is filled by milk may also remove its bad odor.
  9. 9. Mackerel almost lacks prick and without bone and it consists of meat with lesser wastes so it is served in all forms such as by frying, steaming and baking.
  10. 10. Pomfret fish is fried in unfilled belly form in oil.
  11. 11. The sciaenoid fish can be served perfectly and with unfilled belly.
  12. 12. The skin of Redmouth grouper may not be removed during serving Ghalieh Mahi dish (fish stew) because it may extremely create enameling substance.
  13. 13. It is better to steam fish instead of frying it and or to cook it in electric oven or oven but to fry it is better to put tomato or onion with a little oil on the bottom of pan so that the fish absorbs favorable scent and taste and to be fried a little.
  14. 14. No use of salt and or using a little salt may preserve the nutrient value of fish.
  15. 15. In order to cook fish especially of frozen pieces we should adjust time of cooking with respect to thickness of its meat so the neither to remain raw and nor overcooked. For the fish with 2cm diameters it adequately needs to remain in electric oven for 22min, 11min for half-fried state, and 11min in steamed state.
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