Why should we consume fish?

The existing protein in chicken, calf meat, egg, and cheese is one of the major materials to provide animal- based protein for body. However, fish meat includes higher nutrition values. The resultant protein from fish meat consists of all essential amino acids for growth of human body. For this reason, meat of aquatic creatures is extremely crucial for providing daily protein requirements of body. There is lesser connective tissue in fish meat than in other types of meat and therefore it can be said that almost total consumed fish meat is absorbed by the body and for this reason it is recommended to consume fish meat to prevent from some of diseases. ... Read more

Advantages of shrimp consumption

Shrimp is one of the best marine products in the world. Shrimp is an excellent source for vitamin B-12, vitamin-D, selenium, and unsaturated fats. Shrimp is assumed as low-calorie protein- content source that includes iron and niacin (one of vitamins in group B) as well. Given that shrimp is an excellent source of tryptophan amino acid (tryptophan amino acid is converted into niacin in human body) thus shrimp generally contains extremely high amount of niacin (The existing niacin in shrimp + the niacin derived from tryptophan in body). Shrimp includes a great amount of tryptophan and selenium. Selenium contributes to prevention from cancer due to its antioxidant effect. ... Read more

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