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No. 34 Blvd. Farzaneh, beside western Bagher Khan St., Chamran Highway, Tehran, Iran.
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Human Resources

It can be doubtlessly implied that today one of the distinctive parameters that distinguish Tohfe Industries Development Group from other enterprises is workforce of this company that they have created the permanent trend of growth and excellence in this company by means of their expertise, commitment, responsibility, and endless efforts during several years. Tohfe Industries Development Group is honored that it assumes the human resources as most valuable capital and its competitive advantage.

Tohfe Industries Development Group decides to pass through sustainable development path and to be converted into a pioneer international group not only by means of its physical and financial sources that it can achieve this goal by appreciation of unique intellectual and execution talents of its colleagues and in order to achieve this objective it has pave the way for all of purposive, innovative, creative, and motivated personnel.

Absorption, training, maintenance, appreciation of susceptible and competent personnel is a permanent effort in Tohfe Industries Development Group. Thus, Tohfe Industries Development Group invites all of those ones who greatly concern for and have attached to cultivation of our Dear Iran for cooperation with this company.

Each of human capitals in Tohfe Industries Development Group assumes their own as a committed, honest, and accountable to this family and admires them for this purpose.


Complaint of Customer

The electronic complaints recoding system is going to be launched for the respected customers. Please contact us with phone No +9821- 88556518 until exploitation from this system.

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